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May 30, 2024
CHAPA is now seeking applicants for the MBTA Communities Manager and Senior Policy Associate roles. Review the job descriptions and how to apply on CHAPA's Jobs Board.
May 28, 2024
Late last Thursday evening (or technically very early Friday morning), the Senate passed its final FY 2025 budget.  When the Legislature began consideration of the budget earlier this spring, many had grave concerns about the impact that lower than expected revenue figures would have on housing line items.  Fortunately, both the House and the Senate protected these programs from funding cuts, and in most cases increased their bottom lines.    
May 20, 2024
On Tuesday, the Senate is scheduled to begin its consideration of the FY 2025 state operating budget.  Earlier this month, senators filed 1,100 amendments to the Senate Ways and Means proposal, including CHAPA's priority amendments below.  Please contact your senator and ask them to support the inclusion of these provisions in the final Senate budget that is expected to pass later this week:
May 8, 2024
Last month, the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities, along with members of the Housing Advisory Council, kicked off a series of listening sessions across Massachusetts to inform the development of a Statewide Housing Plan.  To date, EOHLC has held four sessions in Lynn, Springfield, Dartmouth, and Brockton.  Between now and June 4, there will be ten more, including two virtual opportunities to provide input. 
May 7, 2024
On Tuesday, the Senate Ways and Means Committee released its budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2025.  Overall, the bill mostly mirrored the version that passed the House last month – MRVP funding was the same at $219 million ($40 million more than FY 24), RAFT received $197 million ($7.4 million more than FY 24), and HomeBASE came in at $57 million ($20 million more than FY 24).   
April 29, 2024
Last week, the House of Representatives passed its FY 2025 budget.  Representatives filed nearly 1500 amendments but less than $110 million in funding above the level proposed by the House Ways and Means Committee was approved.   Although CHAPA’s priority amendments were not included in the final House budget, housing accounts generally fared well considering difficult revenue projections.  The final House budget includes:
April 23, 2024
Earlier this month, the House Ways and Means Committee released its budget proposal for FY 2025, which begins on July 1, 2024.  In the days immediately following that release, representatives submitted 1,495 amendments to that budget.  On Wednesday, the House begins its multi-day budget consideration process.  
April 16, 2024
On April 16, the House of Representatives sent the Governor's Affordable Homes Act (H. 4138) to its third committee since it was filed last October. After moving from the Housing Committee to the Bonding Committee earlier this year, it is now before the House Committee on Ways and Means. While that committee is expected to make significant changes to the legislation (Speaker Mariano has said that he is "going to go big" on housing), timing is to be determined.
March 4, 2024
James Jennings, Ashley E. Harding, Kadineyse Paz, and Robert Terrell released their new fair housing report, Advancing Fair Housing in Greater Boston, Massachusetts: Voices from the Field. The report highlights the need to ensure that amplifying calls for increasing the affordable housing supply is consistently conjoined with ‘affirmatively furthering fair housing,’ not just to do the “right thing,” but to be in compliance with required federal laws and regulations.

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