About NEHN

The New England Housing Network (NEHN) is a broad coalition of housing and community development organizations from each of the New England states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) and the first regional response in the country to changes in federal housing and community development programs.

New England is a diverse microcosm of the entire country. We have coastal cities dealing with escalating rents or struggling for economic revitalization; a persistent and looming expiring-use preservation crisis in hot markets and in rural areas alike; homeowners with low incomes struggling to make necessary repairs and updates; renters with low incomes forced to commute long distances due to a lack of affordable housing; and an aging baby-boomer population with limited options to age-in-place.

The housing community is also in the midst of the most significant changes in federal housing policies in decades. Unprecedented budget cuts aimed primarily at people with low incomes, combined with a dramatic shift of responsibilities to state and local government, will present enormous challenges for communities across the United States.

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