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CHAPA's mission is to encourage the production and preservation of housing that is affordable to low and moderate income families and individuals and to foster diverse and sustainable communities through planning and community development. We achieve this by advocating for opportunity, expanding access to housing, and developing the field.

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Hosted by CHAPA, this is a group of organizations that advocate for resources that will help all families in the Commonwealth find a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home.
CHAPA’s Young Professionals Group meets to better engage younger professionals in housing and planning with the work we do, while providing opportunities for professional development to those who participate.
Bringing together diverse interests from the public housing community, including local housing authorities, tenant organizations, lawyers, and developers, to develop a shared agenda for preserving, protecting and utilizing vital federal and state affordable housing resources.
Develops and advances policies to increase housing production,while preserving our existing affordable housing stock and growing the overall number of affordable housing opportunities across the Commonwealth.
Working to increase permanent, afordable housing
opportunities for extremely low-income households.