Our Values

Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) explores equity throughout our work by ensuring fair and just access and outcomes for all. 

CHAPA acknowledges that disparities in access and equity are the direct and indirect result of intentional and systemic decisions, such as redlining, exclusionary zoning, and discriminatory housing policies. As a result, any response to ensure equity and access must also be intentional. 

CHAPA aims to ensure that those who are impacted by the lack of affordable housing are provided access and space to contribute and that their knowledge, expertise, and lived experience is valued and applied equally with policymakers and people working in the affordable housing and community development field. Our work aims to impact and influence structural and systemic policies at the local, state, and federal levels while applying equity principles throughout our various programs.

Communities should be open to all who choose to live there and provide a diversity of rental and homeownership housing options that are safe, healthy, accessible, and affordable for people across race and income levels, including individuals and families with extremely low incomes. Affordable and available homes should be searchable and advertised widely with clear processes. Affordable housing production and preservation should be robust, and appropriate funding at the local, state, and federal levels should be allocated to meet demand.

In addition, CHAPA operationalizes these efforts with an understanding that access to housing is core to providing access to broader opportunity for all as the value of a quality, affordable home extends beyond the provision of shelter and is a pivotal driver of individual and community success. 

Over CHAPA’s more than fifty-year history, founded in the civil rights movement, we have borne witness to the causes and effects of exclusionary housing policies. Due to this history and understanding, we aim to focus our framework targeting equity and access as a call to action.

We hope you will join us in ensuring effective change and just outcomes for all.