Our Tierra Livri Request for Proposal (RFP)

Job Type
Request for Proposals/Consultant/Volunteer Opportunities
Dudley Neighbors Inc.
Contact Name
Sharon Cho
Contact Email

550 Dudley Street
Roxbury, MA
United States

Job Description

Dudley Neighbors, Inc. (DNI) is soliciting Proposals to develop the parcel of land at 483- 487 Dudley Street. This parcel is approximately 14,000 square feet. The RFP seeks qualified Proposers to develop this parcel to deliver a commercial building or mixed-use project. The RFP is available upon request. Please email your request to Sharon Cho (scho@dsni.org) and Minnie McMahon (mmcmahon@dsni.org).

Through this RFP process, DNI seeks a developer for the site that can create a development plan which strengthens the Dudley Corridor business district; serves local residents and businesses; is realistic and financially sustainable over the long-term; and can deliver compensation to DNI for its costs for securing the land, engagement in community planning, conducting preliminary due diligence, and acting as the long-term steward of the property.

Application Instruction

Please email your request to Sharon Cho (scho@dsni.org) and Minnie McMahon (mmcmahon@dsni.org).