Governor Signs the FY2022 State Budget

On July 16th, Governor Baker signed the FY2022 state budget of $47.6 billion that included increases for many affordable housing programs. The Governor issued vetoes on some line-item language.

The budget signed by the Governor includes appropriation amounts similar to the Conference budget for several CHAPA priorities including MRVP, AHVP and HomeBASE. The only veto on CHAPA priorities was for RAFT; the Governor vetoed the transfer of $4,725,768 from the Housing Preservation and Stabilization Trust Fund. 

Please stay tuned for updates on any veto overrides by the Legislature.

CHAPA thanks Governor Baker for supporting the increases to affordable housing, homelessness prevention and community development programs. 

Thanks also for everyone's advocacy throughout the budget process!

Table with Overview of FY2022 Priorities in the Budget signed by the Governor