Construction & Design for Today and Tomorrow, Part II: Recap

Thank you to those who attended our recent forum on Construction & Design for Today and Tomorrow, Part II on June 12th.

This forum was the second in a series sponsored by MassHousing and CHAPA to investigate the use of innovative technologies to increase the supply of housing. Through this series, we will continue to explore innovative methods and materials, discuss the potential impacts on housing production and stakeholders involved in housing development, and think through strategies for diversifying the methods and materials used in housing development.

Our second forum profiled two currently available off site manufactured products, modular bathroom PODs and light gauge steel, as well as new ideas being developed and tested in MIT"s incubator and the City of Boston's Housing Innovation Lab. Lastly, we looked at the long-term benefits of sustainable housing communities, including both development and management.

We are so grateful to our presenters - Pat Caldwell, V.P. Frame Division of East Coast Interiors, Dr. Andrea Chegut, Director of the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab, Tim Czerwienski, AICP, Project Manager, BPDA; Co-organizer of the Innovative Materials and Methods Workshop, Michael Hindle, Owner & Principal, Passive to Positive, Ryan Jennette, Project Executive, Consigli, Kristi Matthews, Director of Business Development, Jobsite Steel, Frank Valdes, AIA, DiMella Shaffer and our moderator, Kenan Bigby, Managing Director of Development, Trinity Financial, for sharing their expertise with us so that we can continue to build upon our knowledge of these fascinating methods and materials.

Please enjoy photos of the forum on our Facebook page and a copy of our presenters' PowerPoints below. Please be sure to credit CHAPA if you use any of the photos from the forum:

Thanks again for attending our most recent forum in this series. We look forward to seeing you at our future forums!