CHAPA's Statement on Housing Choice Legislation

We at CHAPA look forward to working with the Baker Administration, the Legislature, and advocates across the state to pass the Housing Choice legislation. The Governor’s bill will make a substantial impact in communities working to encourage housing development and undo policies that prevent housing production and perpetuate segregation. Lowering the super majority threshold required for zoning changes will empower the simple majority of people in a community to vote “Yes” for housing. It is imperative that we provide these tools to communities who are actively working to put affordable and smart growth policies into place.

The Governor’s bill is not a standalone solution to Massachusetts’ affordable housing crisis; additional strategies will be needed to address the many challenges faced by the people of this state. We look forward to working with the Administration and the Legislature to expand opportunities for people with extremely low, low, and moderate incomes to have a place to call home. At CHAPA, we will work to pass policies this session that further increase access to affordable housing, prevent displacement, reduce homelessness, grow the housing stock for people across income levels, and expand opportunities for people to live in the communities they choose.