Greater Boston

Homebuying 100 is an introduction to the homebuying process that will help participants evaluate if homeownership is a good option for them. Participants will learn how to compare the net benefit of renting versus buying and become aware of the considerations of becoming a homeowner, beyond just the potential mortgage payment. This workshop is for anyone wondering if homeownership might be feasible for them but is not yet ready or able to commit to a full first-time homebuyer class. Some topics covered include property types and associated responsibilities, budget and financial considerations beyond the mortgage payment, homeownership as an investment, first-time homebuyer programs, and the current housing market.

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Financial Literacy
Greater Boston
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Meghan Monson
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Allston Brighton CDC

This workshop is being held virtually over Zoom. Completion of the workshop does not result in a first-time homebuyer education certificate. It is for educational benefit only. 

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