Chapter 40B Monitoring

"We closed on our house last month. A stable house with clean water. I had a chance to start cleaning up the gardens. I’ve never been able to garden and plan to plant bulbs, knowing I’ll be able to see them in the following year."

— New 40B Homeowner

As the Monitoring Agent for 152 homeownership and 19 rental Chapter 40B developments across Massachusetts, CHAPA ensures these affordable homes stay affordable and in the hands of the people who need them. To see which developments we monitor, please refer to the list below under "Current 40B Homeowners and Tenants."

If you are looking for general policy information on 40B, including research and training opportunities, please see our Chapter 40B policy page.


Current 40B Homeowners and Tenants

The Deed Rider on a 40B unit outlines several restrictions for the homeowner. Please refer to the 40B General Deed Restrictions document for more information. For questions on Deed restrictions, please contact David Gasser.
40B Deed Restriction Annual Acknowledgement Form
This form is to be completed annually by all 40B homeowners in CHAPA monitored 40B developments.
Refer to this list to check if your unit is monitored by CHAPA. If you do not see your Development listed and do not know your Monitoring Agent, you can refer to your Deed Rider if you are in a homeownership unit or contact your Town's planning office directly. 
Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions of 40B homeowners. For more information please contact David Gasser.
Please review the steps outlined in the above document on how to start the resale process of your 40B unit. For questions, please contact Ron McCormick. In your email, please be sure to include your name, address, and condo fee (if any) when inquiring about your resale price.
Please review the steps outlined in the above document on how to start the refinance process of you 40B unit. For questions please contact Ron McCormick. In your email please be sure to include your name, address and condo fee if any when inquiring about your refinance approval.
Review the above policy prior to inquiring about a capital improvement made on your 40B home. For questions, please contact David Gasser.
Estate Planning and Transfer Policy 
A Trust is a legal entity, not an individual or household, and therefore according to the Affordable Deed Rider, it is not an eligible purchaser. This prohibits units from being transferred to a trust. For questions, please refer to the CHAPA Trust Policy or contact David Gasser.
Refer to this document for questions regarding property taxes and condo fees for your 40B home. For questions, please contact David Gasser.
Chapter 40B Deed restrictions require 40B units to be occupied and used by the Owner’s household exclusively as his, her, or their principal residence. Any use of the Property or activity thereon which is inconsistent with such exclusive residential use is expressly prohibited. Refer to the Residency Requirement document and your Deed Rider for more information. 
Where to Find a Copy of Your Deed Rider
Most Registries will allow you to either print the Deed Rider directly from the Registry of Deeds website for free or for a small fee. You may also obtain a copy by requesting it in person at your local Town Hall. 
Foreclosure Assistance
Refer to this page for general information on foreclosures or to review the list of foreclosure counseling agencies in Massachusetts. If you live in a 40B unit monitored by CHAPA and are at risk of foreclosure, please contact Carol Marine. 
Healthy Condominium Toolkit
Created by the Community Enterprise Project of the Transactional Law Clinics. The purpose of this toolkit is to explain how to operate a “healthy” condominium association and why it is important to operate in such a manner. 

Potential 40B Homebuyers

Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions of 40B buyers. For more information please contact Ron McCormick.
Available 40B Homeownership Units
Search MyMassHome for available new and resale 40B units. Each unit uses a separate application and contact person, so please be sure to read the listing fully to ensure you are contacting the correct listing agent.  
First-Time Homebuyer Course Calendar 
The homebuyer education schedule contains pre-purchase and post-purchase courses for first-time homebuyers offered by agencies with a Seal of Approval certification from the Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative, a designation indicating they meet the Collaborative's standards for comprehensive homebuyer education. The courses are listed on the calendar by the first day of the course.
Homebuyer Education Agencies
The homebuyer counseling agencies on this list provide educational workshops and counseling to individuals and families interested in buying a home. These organizations have been awarded a Collaborative Seal of Approval, a designation by the Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative, indicating they meet the Collaborative's standards for comprehensive homebuyer education.
HUD Income Limits
Income limits are posted by HUD annually and are used as the base to qualify income-eligible buyers and renters for 40B units. Use the tools on the website to select the appropriate state and town to view the income limits for that area. 
MyMassHome is your guide for finding all the programs for first time homebuyers, including state-sponsored mortgage products available to buyers with low and moderate incomes in Massachusetts.