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Citizens' Housing and Planning Association: DHCD Seeks Comments on its Draft FY2018 Moving to Work Plan - March 7, 2017

DHCD Seeks Comments on its Draft FY2018 Moving to Work Plan - March 7, 2017

DHCD is seeking comments on its Draft FY2018 Moving to Work (MTW) Plan.  MTW is a federal demonstration program that allows a limited number of public housing authorities flexibility in administering housing assistance to increase cost effectiveness, promote economic self-sufficiency, and improve housing choices for low-income families. Under the MTW program, DHCD administers federally funded Housing Choice Vouchers, along with other state-assisted rental assistance programs, through a statewide network of Regional Administering Agencies.

In FY2018, DHCD expects that rental assistance and related services will be provided to nearly 21,000 households as well as supporting 53 project-based units through MTW.  The Draft Plan includes several new initiatives in FY2018, including:

  • Expanding Housing Opportunities: In support of a major state-funded initiative to redevelop and preserve state-aided public housing, MTW funds will be utilized for short-term relocation assistance for impacted low-income households.
  • Residential Assistance for Families in Transition: Short term financial assistance will be provided to families with children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Support for Secure Jobs: DHCD will fund targeted case management and employment supports in tandem with voucher assistance for up to 50 participants.
  • A Better Life: DHCD will fund an economic self-sufficiency program and limited capital improvements at state public housing developments.
  • Health Starts at Home: DHCD will support and enhance an existing program funded by The Boston Foundation which focuses on improving health outcomes for low-income children.
  • Equity Builder Program: In partnership with community development financial institutions and developers, DHCD will establish a Lease-to-Own program to support the goal of providing pathways to homeownership for low-income families.
  • Affordable Housing Preservation & Development Fund: DHCD will use MTW funds to support the development and preservation of affordable rental housing units through implementation of a new Affordable Housing Preservation and Development Fund. These funds will provide loans to eligible projects to leverage private equity and state-aided public housing capital resources.

DHCD will host two public hearings on its Draft Plan on March 16th in Springfield and on March 17th at DHCD in Boston. For more information on the public hearings, including how to register, please click here. DHCD will accept written comments on the Draft Plan through April 6, 2017.