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Property/Asset Management
Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center
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Human Resources
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  • Oversee the maintenance and repair of building interiors and exteriors that include but not limited to: roofs, gutters and downspouts, HVAC systems, porches, fire escapes, drains and lines, wall and floor coverings, walkways, electrical and heating systems, interior stairways, walls, floors and ceilings. Oversees the care of landscape areas. 
  • Create staff schedule and coordinate efforts and activities to assure completion of assigned objectives within the specified time frame and allocated resources.  Manages, evaluates, trains and develops the Facilities staff. Approves payroll, employee time off, and overtime.
  • Coordinates with owners and, property management companies, or Hildebrand Property and Housing Placement Manager about needed maintenance and repairs at each site.
  • Oversees all maintenance systems to ensure optimum functionality, efficiency, and effectiveness.  Systems include: Work Order System, Inventory and Supplies Distribution, Keys Management, Safety & Security Inspections, Preventative Maintenance, and Inventory Reconciliation. 
  • Ensure all locations have supplies replenished in a timely fashion.
  • Develops and implements additional maintenance and facilities programs as needed.
  • Develop a pool of qualified and licensed contractors (specialized skilled tradesmen) to support the operation and maintenance of the buildings; this includes oversight of said contractors’ work.
  • Negotiate with outside contractors and related vendors to ensure best pricing on repairs and construction work as well as equipment, supply and material purchases.
  • Submit Purchase Orders and review and approve invoices prior to providing authorization for payment. Reconcile unauthorized charges with vendors, and communicate discrepancies with DFA.
  • Ensures that tools and equipment used for the maintenance and care of agency’s buildings are kept in proper working order, and that the maintenance staff is properly equipped to perform their responsibilities.  This also includes ensuring that maintenance staff is accountable for all tools and equipment utilized as well as creating an inventory system to track and monitor them.
  • Create and maintain an ongoing inventory list of fixed assets (in coordination with the CFO).
  • Prepare property management and maintenance reports through the use of existing systems particular eWorks, as requested by CEO or CFO.
  • Work with Program Manager and ETO to ensure that all units comply with DHCD standards and the 5-day rule.
  • Responsible for all permanent housing clients including re-certifications, rent collection, income verification, etc.
  • Co-facilitates the weekly Facility-Program meeting as well as individual weekly meetings with staff.
  • Develop and analyze survey data.
  • Develop and co-manage budget with the Operations Manager.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the CFO or CEO.



  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, 3-5 years’ experience in property and facility management or a key aspect related to it.
  • Experience with CHA & BHA preferred. Knowledge of HIF, client re-certifications, and vouchers preferred.
  • Commitment to the delivery of high-quality service. 
  • Proven expertise in supervising Technicians, contractors, technicians, mechanical maintenance, related safety issues, project management, construction, etc.
  • Strong organization and process skills, with an ability to balance complex and multi-dimensional and varied projects that require an eye for detail, persistence and ability to follow through.
  • Strong analytical ability, excellent verbal communication skills and ability to persuade and motivate others is essential.
  • Demonstrated strong writing and editing skills.
  • Comfort and ease with various technologies; Proficiency in Microsoft Windows, PowerPoint, Excel, Donor Perfect or  similar database management a plus
  • Conceptual thinker with creative instincts
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Proven ability to competently plan and manage multiple maintenance and repair projects simultaneously.
  • Familiarity with appropriate local, state and federal regulations.
  • Massachusetts driver’s license and own vehicle required.
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