Manager of Community Building and Engagement

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Programmatic/Project Management
Allston Brighton CDC
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John Woods
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18 R Shepard Street
Brighton, MA
United States

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Manager of Community Building and Engagement


About Allston Brighton CDC


Allston Brighton CDC builds a stronger and more stable community by representing and supporting the expressed interests, positive engagement and leadership development of Allston Brighton's diverse local communities, institutions, individuals, and families of all incomes. For 37 years, Allston Brighton CDC has led initiatives that create affordable housing, foster community leadership, enhance and protect open spaces, and offer steps to increased incomes and assets so residents can call Allston Brighton home for the long term.

Today, Allston Brighton CDC addresses critical changes in our community, focuses and defines its role as a catalyst for community stability, and positions itself for the sustained creation of opportunities for families and individuals of all income levels to engage as leaders and improve their lives. One of our strategic directions is to mobilize and support new voices for community leadership. In this initiative, Allston Brighton CDC seeks to empower residents and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to affect change in their own communities and connect them to broader neighborhood stabilization efforts and campaigns.


Position Overview


The Manager of Community Building and Engagement reports to the Deputy Director. The Manager is responsible is for managing all activities associated with the Community Building and Engagement department and ensuring that the ABCDC's organizing, and advocacy activities are integrated into all aspects of our work. The Manager is responsible for broadening and deepening resident engagement of people living in ABCDC owned rental housing and the neighborhood at-large to increase social capital, expand ABCDC's network, build systems which connect residents to engagement and leadership opportunities, establish a pipeline for resident membership and ownership and design resident engagement initiatives.




  • Recruit and manage interns and volunteers who work on neighborhood stabilization and community engagement activities
  • Manage all data related to program outcomes in Salesforce and other platforms (as required)
  • Oversee, promote, and assist in the current programs in place at ABCDC designed to promote Youth Programs at the two Boston Housing Authority Developments located in Brighton known as the Brighton Future Forward Program.
  • Coordinate with local tenant associations as it relates to supporting the Youth Programs and initiatives.
  • Coordinate and promote other initiatives now in place to provide Workforce Training opportunities for the residents of ABCDC’s properties as well as in the (2) Boston Housing Authority sites located in Brighton.  
  • Work with tenant association at Faneuil Gardens Public Housing Development to assist and support their bi-annual tenant elections
  • Develop and execute a coordinated Affordable Housing campaign through one-on-one, meetings, and a multi-faceted outreach campaign.
  • Build and sustain a strong base of support for initiatives that help to further the mission of ABCDC.
  • Conduct program and organizing work that adheres to ABCDC's principles, vision and mission; and that is performed in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner
  • Design and implement activities aimed at creating deeper connectivity and sense of community among ABCDC residents and the Allston Brighton Neighborhood.
  • Participate in joint-coalitions and strategic partnerships; and collaborate with allies, partner organizations, elected officials and institutions-that are consistent with promoting the mission of ABCDC.
  • Contribute content to Resident Services Newsletter to increase ABCDC resident knowledge of affordable housing and other important neighborhood issues.
  • Assist in ABCDC's social media strategy by working with the Communication and Grant Manager, as well as other ABCDC Departments


Leadership Development


  • Work with the Resident Services Coordinator to build out a robust Leadership Development Academy; and lead evaluation of program
  • Work with the Resident Services Coordinator to identify leadership development needs for residents and connect ABCDC residents to other organizational initiatives including community planning and neighborhood stabilization campaigns
  • Organize ABCDC residents, and residents living in the broader community, around issues of affordable housing, equitable transportation access, transportation infrastructure, owner-occupied homeownership
  • Engage and train community members, with an emphasis on those living in ABCDC housing, in planning activities, through the development and implementation of workshops, training, and community design sessions
  • Track and evaluate community engagement efforts with defined goals and measurement tools


Required Qualifications:


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent professional organizing experience
  • Hands-on experience with facilitative leadership
  • Strong collaboration skills and excellent communication and active listening skills.
  • Highly organized self-starter, able to easily manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Detail-oriented, high quality written and oral communication
  • Creative problem-solver with the ability to train and motivate others
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, economic equity, and community engagement
  • Strong team orientation and ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people as well as independently
  • Excellent time and project management skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, adept with social media, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Flexible, possess a sense of humor and desire to be an integral member of a learning community at a time of growth and change

Preferred Qualifications:


  • Multi-lingual, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish
  • Familiarity with challenges impacting Allston Brighton
  • Experience using technology to facilitate community engagement
  • Experience with Salesforce, WordPress, Google Analytics
  • All Allston Brighton CDC staff share administrative responsibility of the organization, assume new and emerging responsibilities as the organization evolves, engage in learning opportunities, and share new information and knowledge that may help inform the future of the organization.
Application Instruction

The Selection Process:


Please submit one PDF document containing a cover letter detailing your interest and qualifications for this position, and an up-to-date resume to Rachel Regis, Deputy Director at


ABCDC offers a competitive salary and benefits package. The expected salary range for this position is between $55,000 and $65,000 a year.  Applications will be reviewed and acknowledged as they are received.  The expectation is that the position will begin by the end of August 2022


ABCDC seeks a diverse pool of candidates.  ABCDC is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or age. ABCDC is also committed to increase the racial diversity of its staff and providing opportunities for people of color to take on leadership roles within ABCDC.