Housing Rehabilitation Consultant

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Request for Proposals/Consultant/Volunteer Opportunities
City of Framingham Community Development Department
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Nathalie Jean
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City Hall, Suite B3, 150 Concord St.
Framingham, MA
United States

Job Description

City of Framingham
Community Development Department
Rehabilitation Consultant Services

SCOPE OF SERVICES: The purpose of this RFP is to retain a qualified party to provide housing rehabilitation inspectional services on a fee per unit basis. Required work includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks and responsibilities:

1. Conduct initial property inspection to document Massachusetts building and sanitary code violations and other substandard or deficient conditions;
2. Documentation of such conditions via written report and photographs or videotape as appropriate;
3. Preparation of work specifications (i.e. scope of services for contractors) for rehab project based upon inspection report and incorporating therein lead/asbestos abatement, historic standards,etc. as may be applicable;
4. Development of cost estimate based upon eligible work specifications;
5. Attendance at and conduction of pre-bid showing of property as determined by the Program Coordinator;
6. Preparation of addenda to work specifications, if necessary;
7. Assist Program staff in documenting contractors’ compliance with required permits, lien waivers and any occupancy or compliance certifications;
8. Inspection of property pursuant to contractors’ requests for payment;
9. Review contractors’ requests for payment, modify as needed, and make recommendation to Program Staff whether to issue payment;
10. Conduct final inspection, preparation of punch list, if required;
11. Additional services pertinent to the rehabilitation specialist required for the proper
administration of the program (i.e. responding to clients’ concerns regarding workmanship,etc.);
12. The selected consultant will provide clear, legible records to the program to document the above services;
13. The selected consultant will maintain clear and open communication with the Coordinator during the course of the Program;
14. As needed, the selected consultant will coordinate inspections with the City of Framingham’s code inspectors;
15. The selected consultant shall provide updates to program staff via written/oral reports; and
16. Consultant shall prepare final reports on the status of units for review by the Program Staff.  Such reports may be in summary form, which provides information needed for the City to compile reports for the U.S. Department of Urban Housing and Development (HUD).


 High school graduate;
 Maintain a valid construction supervisor license;
 Working knowledge of state building, health, safety, and lead hazard codes;
 Experience with the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) block grants (CDBG/HOME);
 Working knowledge of building construction methods, building materials, zoning and housing/building codes, knowledge of techniques and methods of computing              estimates, ability to prepare and interpret plans and specifications is a must;
 Must have experience in operating federally-funded housing rehabilitation programs for 1-4 unit residential structures;
 Experience in the construction trade and/or construction management;
 Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with city officials and employees, contractors, owners, occupants, builders, and general public;
 Must have a valid driver’s license and own transportation;
 Licensed MA contractor;
 Candidate must be in good standing with the City of Framingham.



1. All RFP’s become the sole property of the City of Framingham;
2. By submitting an RFP, proposers agree to honor their price quote for 45 days after the RFP deadline;
3. The City shall make an award or reject RFP’s within 45 days of the RFP opening;
4. The City does not guarantee any minimum number of properties or tasks;
5. For the duration of the contract, the selected proposer shall not perform any separaterepair work for property owners participating in the Housing Rehabilitation Program;
6. The City reserves the right to waive technicalities and to reject any or all proposals when deemed in its best interest;
7. The selected proposer shall be required to execute a contract incorporating its terms for the duration of the fiscal year;
8. The City shall award the contract without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion,political affiliation or national origin and encourages qualified women and minority-owned businesses to submit proposals.

Application Instruction

Rehabilitation Consultant Proposal Form






Date of Submittal:

Re: City of Framingham Rehabilitation Consultant RFP Proposal


Phase 1: Conduct initial inspection. Submit inspection photos, final work specifications and cost estimates.

Phase 2: Perform property bid conference walk through.

Phase 3: Make inspections in response to contractors’ request for payment and recommend to program staff whether to release payment based on findings.

Phase 4: Perform final inspection/approve final requisition.

Final costs: $

Stand-alone inspections: $

Please respond by 7/16/2019, mailing proposals to 

Attn: Nathalie Jean
City of Framingham
Community Development Department
Memorial Building
150 Concord St., Suite B3
Framingham, MA 01702-8325
Tel.: (508) 532-5457
Fax: (508) 532-5739