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Executive Director Positions
Spencer Housing Authority
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Charlene Kaiser
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13 McDonald Street
Spencer, MA
United States

Job Description

Job Description

Spencer Housing Authority (“Authority”) Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the professional leadership and management of Authority and shall perform the following duties and exercise the following powers, rights and authority:


  1. General.  The Executive Director shall have the general supervision over the administration of the Authority's business and affairs, subject to the direction of the Board, and in compliance with the rules and requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and, as applicable, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The Executive Director shall be the Authority’s chief administrative and financial officer and shall have the day-to-day responsibility of managing the Authority, implementing the policy directives of the members of the Authority (Board), and assuming overall leadership role in guiding programmatic, fiscal, personnel, and public relations activities.


  1.  Hours of Work. Full time Executive Directors shall work during normal business hours (Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Part time Executive Directors must work 75% of the hours that they work during normal business hours.  Time spent at night or weekend meetings which are directly related to Authority business, may be substituted for weekday hours at the discretion of the Board.  Daily time sheets and attendance records must be maintained at the LHA office for review and approval by the Board and review by DHCD, the State Auditor, and/or HUD.


  1. Programs.  The Executive Director oversees the delivery and quality of programs and services including but not limited to:


  1. Housing Units Owned by the Authority:
  1. Management, maintenance and redevelopment of, and capital improvements to, any and all housing developments of the Authority;
  2. Purchase of equipment, materials and labor as required to satisfactorily meet the standards of good and proper maintenance;
  3. Wait list outreach, marketing and maintenance;
  4.  Selection of tenants, the drawing and signing of leases, the collection of rents and the use of legal actions as required by state and/or federal regulations and guidelines as applicable depending on whether the housing units are state-aided or federally-aided; preparation of the Authority’s Management Plan detailing Authority’s policies, guidelines, rules and regulations pertaining to day-to day operations;
  5. Compliance with applicable fair housing and civil rights requirements; and
  6. Operation of any and all developments in a manner providing for a high degree of livability and appearance at the lowest possible cost consistent with satisfactory administration and maintenance.


  1. Rental Assistance.  If the Authority operates state or federal rental assistance program(s):
    1. Wait list outreach, marketing and maintenance;
    2. Outreach to and contracting with landlords including inspection operations;

3) Selection of tenants the drawing and signing of leases, the payment of rental assistance and the use of legal actions as required by state and/or federal regulations and guidelines as applicable depending on whether the housing units are state-aided or federally-aided, and;

4)    Compliance with applicable fair housing and civil rights requirements.


  1. Fiscal Management.  The Executive Director is responsible for the care and custody of all funds of the Authority and for the prudent management of the resources of the Authority.  The Executive Director oversees all bookkeeping, accounting and financial activities including but not limited to:


    1. Deposit all funds of the Authority in the name of the Authority in such bank or banks as the Board shall select;
    2. Maintenance of accurate books of account showing receipts and expenditures;
    3. Preparation of an annual budget within budget guidelines for review and approval by the Board and DHCD as well as operating statements and financial reports and submissions;
    4. Maintenance of an accurate inventory of agency property and protect all such property;
    5. Procurement and purchase activities in accordance with procedures approved by the Board and in accordance with all applicable state, federal and local laws, and;.
    6. Make notification to DHCD of any potential legal claims or lawsuits brought against the Authority for any incidents occurring on state-aided property.


  1. Personnel.  Executive Director is authorized to transact all personnel actions subject to the Personnel Policy, and to report such actions as necessary to the Board.  The Executive Director is responsible for:


  1. Recruitment, hiring, staffing and supervision of department heads and any personnel not under the supervision of department heads;
  2. Ensuring that performance evaluations of all staff are completed;
  3. Determining the need for travel and training of all employees, and approval or denial of staff travel and training requests, consistent with the Authority’s annual budget;
  4. Promotion, demotion and disciplinary actions; and
  5. Review and update of the Personnel Policy and all job descriptions, as needed, and;
  6. Compliance with all state and federal employment laws.


  1. Board Administration and Support.  The Executive Director supports operations and administration of the Board by advising and informing Board members, interfacing between Board and staff, and cooperating with the Board’s process for the evaluation of the Executive Director’s performance.  Such responsibilities include but are not limited to:


    1. Reporting at each regular meeting or more often as requested by the Board an account of his/her transactions and the financial condition of the Authority;
    2. Preparation of regular reports for the Board on the status of projects and programs;
    3. Reports on the results of present policy and recommendations for changes in policies to the Board;
    4. Recording of the minutes and the records of the Authority's meetings in a satisfactory and legal form as the ex-officio secretary of the Board pursuant to G.L. c. 121B, §7, and;
    5. Development of an Annual Plan as required by G.L. c. 121B, §28A and submission of the Plan to DHCD in accordance with its guidelines.


Other Duties and Responsibilities, As Assigned.  The Executive Director shall perform such duties as are commensurate with the position of executive director, including without limitation, such duties as may be assigned to the executive director from time to time by the Board during the Term of the agreement.  In performing his or her duties the Executive Director shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, DHCD regulations and guidelines, and directives and policies of the Board. 

Application Instruction

The Spencer Housing Authority is seeking candidates for the position of Executive Director.

The Spencer Housing Authority is seeking an experienced administrator for leadership and management of its programs, properties, and contracts

The Authority manages 177 state aided elderly/handicapped units, 8 family units, and an 8-unit Department of Developmental Services home. The agency also administers 51 AHVP (Alternative Housing Voucher Program) vouchers and 5 MRVP (Massachusetts Housing Voucher Program) vouchers.

Minimum requirements: A minimum of five years’ experience in housing management, community development, public administration, or a closely related field. Knowledge of the principles and practices of housing management, finances, and maintenance systems in public and private housing. Excellent written and verbal communication skills required. Knowledge of laws regulating State housing programs. Experience working with people of various socio-economic backgrounds. Certification as a Public Housing Manager is desired or to be obtained within one year of employment.

The salary range is from $76,887.60  to  $90,456.00 depending on experience and certifications and in accordance with the DHCD Executive Director Salary Schedule/Calculation worksheet. The work week is 37.5 hrs. per week with full benefits.

To apply please submit cover letter and resume to charlene.kaiser@spencerhousing.org.  addressed to the Spencer Housing Board of Directors. A full job description is available upon request. at this email address.

The deadline for resumes is July 9th by close of business day. Late applications will not be accepted.

The Spencer Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.