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Citizens' Housing and Planning Association: Research and Reports

Research and Reports

Title Organizationsort descending Date Download
Independent State Auditor’s Comprehensive Report on the Physical Condition of and Resources Allocated for the Operation and Upkeep of State-Aided Public Housing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Auditor of the Commonwealth October, 2006 PDF
Regional Resilience in the Face of Foreclosures (Berkeley) Berkeley Institute of Urban and Regional Development August, 2009 PDF
Housing America's Future: New Directions for National Policy (Bipartisan Policy Center) Bipartisan Policy Center February, 2013 PDF
Innovative Ideas for Revitalizing the LIHTC Market (Federal Reserve System) Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System & The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis November, 2009
Streamline Administration of the Housing Choice Voucher Program – November 1, 2013 Brookings November, 2013 PDF
Scaling the Nationwide Energy Retrofit of Affordable Multifamily Housing (Brookings) Brookings April, 2011 PDF
Stabilizing Communities: A Federal Response to the Foreclosure Crisis (Brookings) Brookings Institution December, 2009 PDF
Big City Populations Survive the Housing Crunch (Brookings Institution) Brookings Institution July, 2009 PDF
Homeownership Built to Last: Balancing Access, Affordability, and Risk after the Housing Crisis - August 6, 2014 Brookings Institution Press and the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies August, 2014 PDF
Creating Balanced Communities: Lessons in Affordability from Five Affluent Boston Suburbs Business and Professional People For the Public Interest (BPI) February, 2005 PDF
Changing Patterns XIV: Mortgage Lending to Traditionally Underserved Borrowers and Neighborhoods in Boston, Greater Boston and Massachusetts, 2006 By Jim Campen for the Massachusetts Community and Banking Council February, 2008 PDF
A New Era of Higher Education - Community Partnerships: The Role and Impact of Colleges and Universities in Greater Boston Today Carol R. Goldberg Seminar October, 2005 PDF
Homeownership Done Right (Center for American Progress) Center for American Progress May, 2010 PDF
Green Affordable Housing: Within Our Reach (Center for American Progress) Center for American Progress December, 2008 PDF
Building Support for Affordable Homeownership and Rental Choices: A Summary of Research Findings on Public Opinion and Messaging on Affordable Housing - October 30, 2013 Center for Housing Policy October, 2013 PDF
Increasing the Availability of Affordable Homes: A Handbook of High-Impact State and Local Solutions Center for Housing Policy February, 2007 PDF
Paycheck to Paycheck Wage Database Center for Housing Policy February, 2008 PDF
Housing’s Contributions to the Nation’s Health and Education Objectives Center for Housing Policy July, 2007 PDF
Paycheck to Paycheck 2009 (CHP) Center for Housing Policy May, 2009 PDF
Connecting Residents of Subsidized Housing with Mainstream Supportive Services (Center for Housing Policy) Center for Housing Policy February, 2011 PDF
Paycheck to Paycheck Database (CHP) Center for Housing Policy September, 2011 PDF
Housing Affordability Trends for Working Households (Center for Housing Policy) Center for Housing Policy December, 2009 PDF
The Housing Landscape for America's Working Families 2005 Center for Housing Policy April, 2005 PDF
Making Inclusionary Housing More Flexible: Four Ideas for Urban Settings - July 30, 2015 Center for Housing Policy at the National Housing Conference July, 2015 PDF