DHCD Announces Supportive Housing Funding Round

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) intends to hold a Supportive Housing funding competition for the creation of more affordable rental units for vulnerable populations, who often need support services in order to access and maintain stable housing. For a copy of the Notice of Funding Availability and more information on the competition, click here.

DHCD will make up to $7 million in National Housing Trust Fund capital funds available during the December 2019 competition. Approximately 100 project-based MRVPs also will be available, with the potential of $1,500 per unit per year in service funding attached to each MRVP. Sponsors also may seek additional DHCD capital sources – primarily the Housing Innovations Fund (HIF) -- to complete their financing packages.

Pre-applications for potential projects will be due on October 10, 2019.  Sponsors whose projects are approved through the pre-application process will be allowed to submit full OneStop+ applications on December 5, 2019.  To help interested sponsors prepare for pre-application and full competition submissions, DHCD will host an information session on:

Thursday, September 12, 11:00 am
Second Floor, Conference Room A
100 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA  02114

If one or two representatives from a development are interested in joining the information session, please RSVP to Bertha Borin at bertha.borin@mass.govor 617-573-1309.