Ask Your State Representative to Co-Sponsor These Amendments in the FY22 Budget TODAY

On April 14th, the House Committee on Ways and Means released its state budget proposal for FY2022. CHAPA thanks House Speaker Mariano, Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means, and other members of the Ways and Means Committee for their strong investments in affordable housing and community development programs. Read more about the budget proposal on CHAPA's website.
Next week, the House will debate and finalize its FY2022 state budget proposal. We are currently working to strengthen critical affordable housing, rental assistance, and homelessness prevention programs through proposed amendments to the budget, which can be found in more detail below.
Please call or email your State Representative today and ask them to co-sponsor these budget amendments!

You can use the following script in your message to your State Representative:

Hello, I am [NAME] from [CITY or TOWN] in the Representative's district. Programs that support affordable housing, rental assistance, and homelessness prevention are important to our community. I am requesting that the Representative support and sign on to co-sponsor the following budget amendments. [LIST THE AMENDMENTS BELOW]. Thank you.

As always, thank you for your advocacy and for your support of CHAPA’s priorities. If you have any questions, please contact Eric Shupin, CHAPA’s Director of Public Policy, at 617-682-9712 or Abhi Kurve, CHAPA’s Policy Associate, at 617-910-7953.

#668 - Mass. Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) (7004-9024) 
Sponsored by Rep. Adrian Madaro
Increases funding to $160 million & makes program improvements:

  • Reduces tenant payment share to 30% of income, down from 40% and
  • Adds tracking and reporting requirements


#447 - Improvements to HomeBASE (7004-0108)
Sponsored by Rep. Christine Barber
Increases funding to $45 million & makes program improvements:

  • Allows families & children who would otherwise face a return to homelessness renew HomeBASE when the benefits end
  • Improve tracking & reporting requirements


#91 - An Act reducing CPA recording fees for affordable housing (Outside Section)
Sponsored by Rep. Tram T. Nguyen
Reduces Community Preservation Act (CPA) recording fees for affordable housing in those cities and towns that have enacted the CPA.


For a full summary of all these budget amendments, please visit CHAPA's website.