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Lawrence CommunityWorks (LCW) is a nonprofit community development corporation and a growing network of over 4,500 residents and other stakeholders dedicated to revitalizing the physical, economic, civic, and social landscape of Lawrence, Massachusetts. LCW’s Homeownership Center strives to help homebuyers and homeowners obtain long-term financial success and stability in homeownership by providing comprehensive education, information and guidance and support that helps homebuyers and homeowners make sound and informed decisions about their most important asset, their home. LCW is approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Housing Counseling Program, MassHousing Finance Agency, Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP), and is a member of NeighborWorks America, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the United Way, and the MA Homeownership Collaborative. LCW’s Homeownership Center offers a variety of workshops, including homebuyer seminars, HomeSafe Post-purchase seminars, Foreclosure Prevention, Landlord Training, Financial Literacy and Wealth Building, as well as personal housing and financial counseling for homebuyers and homeowners. Also offered is our Individual Development Account Programs (IDA), a matched-savings program where funds can be utilized toward a home purchase.

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Workshop Type
First Time Homebuyer Pre-Purchase Course
$50.00 per person
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Northeastern Massachusetts
Contact Name
Rose Munoz
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Organization Name
Lawrence CommunityWorks


This seminar is for First Time Home Buyers

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The home purchase process
  • Budgeting and credit
  • Obtaining a mortgage
  • Other information pertaining to First Time Homebuyers

Once you have taken the workshop (1 class, 2 sessions. Mandatory to attend both sessions), you will get certified. In order to receive your certificate of completion, we collect Purchase & Sale agreement and Loan Estimate once you are in the process of buying a house.  (We do this so we can help you ensure that all paperwork is in order, guide you in the process and to satisfy our funding sources.)

* It is mandatory as part of the registration, that the participant submit the Welcome and Disclosure forms, which we will be sending through Docusign,  as well as a photo of their identification. These are necessary for creating your profile.


Please note that this seminar will be held live through Zoom. The participant is required to have a camera, keyboard, microphone and audio to "attend" the event.

The Seminar consists of two sessions (You must attend all sessions to meet the certificate requirements)

* Please be sure to enter your email correctly during registration.



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