Greater Boston

What You'll Learn: MAHA’s First-Time Homebuyer Curriculum 
Becoming a homeowner is not out of your reach. We can show you what you need to do to make it happen – the right way – through the award-winning classes at our Homeownership University. 
*Advantages and disadvantages of homeownership *Ideal homebuying process *Doing your homework *Learning about the One Mortgage Program and other affordable mortgages 
*How to find the right house for you   *Working with a real estate agent  *Making an offer   
*Importance of a good home inspection *What a basic home inspection includes 
*Why you need your own real estate attorney   *Offer to purchase   *Purchase and Sales agreement   *Closing the loan   
*The role of budgeting and credit *Developing a budget *Credit reports *Signs of credit problems 
*The mortgage application process  
 *Down payment and closing costs   *Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)   *Shopping around for the best mortgages  
 *Fair lending   
*Shopping for homeowners insurance *Making sure you are covered 
*Responsibilities of homeownership *Avoiding defaults and foreclosure *Voting and getting involved in your neighborhood *Other MAHA educational programs 

Workshop Type
First Time Homebuyer Pre-Purchase Course
$25.00 for Boston residents, $50.00 for outside of Boston residents
1803 Dorchester Ave
City or Town
Greater Boston
Contact Name
Percy Stallworth
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Organization Name
Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance
Workshop Date/Time
DAYTIME 10:30am-01:30pm ( Feb 10 - Feb 13) Mon - Thurs