Coalition Efforts and Contacts

MassachusettsAlliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL)

The Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending is a coalition of over 30 community organizations, housing counseling agencies, legal services groups, and others who have come together to work on the sub-prime foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts. The Alliance is focusing its work on the following areas:

  • Legislative initiatives: including judicial foreclosure; just cause eviction post-foreclosure; a foreclosure moratorium; and other pre and post foreclosure protections for tenants and homeowners;
  • Organizing to prevent eviction of tenants and resident homeowners that are paying their rents in foreclosed properties;
  • Providing education to homeowners and tenants regarding their rights, as well as educating the general public education regarding the predatory and discriminatory practices of lenders and financial institutions;
  • Working to ensure that foreclosed properties can be acquired as affordable housing by non-profits and other entities.

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Coalition for Occupied Homes in Foreclosure (COHIF)

The Coalition for Occupied Homes in Foreclosure (COHIF) was formed in response to the wave of foreclosures that has affected communities across Massachusetts. COHIF advocates to minimize the impacts of foreclosure on people, neighborhoods and communities by identifying strategies for occupied properties facing foreclosure. COHIF's priorities are to:

  • support occupants' rights to maintain their residency by establishing direct control of their homes or by buyers acting on their behalf;
  • advocate for the implementation of sound public policy and economic strategies affecting occupied, foreclosed properties;
  • identify and share information regarding methods, models, strategies, and funding for the redevelopment of occupied foreclosed properties;
  • minimize impacts of foreclosures by promoting long-term stability of the community and its residents.

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