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Wallace, MBA
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The Wallace Collaborative
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The Wallace Collaborative is a consultancy practice dedicated to working with organizations looking to drive performance and sustainability, develop leaders, undertake strategic planning, culture change, operational improvements, business model transformation and/or growth strategies, or in need of executive coaching or interim executive leadership.

110 Cardinal Way
Florence, 01062
United States

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Organizational Development & Planning
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A tireless advocate for social and economic justice, Lynne Wallace has over 25 years of leadership, business development and management experience. Her passion is to leave people, organizations and communities better than she found them through engagement and collaboration. Lynne has served on several nonprofit boards over the last 25 years (Citizens Housing and Planning Association, Regional Housing Network, Northampton Housing Authority, Hampshire Community Action Commission, The Montessori School of Northampton), and coupled with her C-suite leadership experience, she is uniquely positioned to work alongside boards of directors in leading nonprofit organizations on an interim basis.

Lynne held senior management positions in a variety of industries from health and wellness to insurance to architecture to community and economic development. Throughout her tenure in these varied eco-systems, Lynne has consistently influenced successful outcomes, whether it be growing the organization by 40%, increasing firm efficiency and throughput by double-digits or stewarding a multi-disciplinary strategic planning process that involved all of the organization’s 167 employees and accomplishing 70% of the objectives within 4 years. Lynne has also been involved in leading fundraising efforts and business model expansion in order to increase and/or diversify revenues. Her innate curiosity, ability to quickly assess the landscape and connect the dots to potential innovations allows Lynne to lead organizations into either new markets or strategic alliances in order to support sustainability.

One of Lynne’s strong suits is dealing with complex organizations and information, quickly establishing trust, and seeing possibility on the horizon. This was evidenced through years in the C-suite in a regional nonprofit in which the funding streams were regularly shifting, as were the funders priorities. Lynne successfully led the team and built relationships with funders in order to guide internally and influence externally the growth of programs in this changing market. By keeping an eye on the horizon, understanding funders’ priorities and reassuring staff that change was possible, Lynne’s innovation and tenacity led to system change and improved financial strength.

Most recently, Lynne has worked on a state and national level with community/economic development and housing organizations in developing strategy, transforming operations and engaging with funders on the emerging need to collect, analyze and leverage data in order to deliver outcomes and/or impact measurement. With an astute understanding of the value of performance measurement and management in the nonprofit sector at this point in time, Lynne is able to bring tools and strategies to organizations in this critical aspect of nonprofit management.

 Analytical/strategic thinking and planning
 Organization, prioritization
 Teambuilding
 Inspiring, communicating shared vision
 Financial management
 Collaborative, builds strong strategic partnerships
 Diplomacy, good judgement
 Coaching human capital, providing a sounding board for executive-level staff
 Systems change, process improvement

Lynne received a Bachelor of Science from Springfield College, and her Master of Business Administration from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management. Lynne also earned an Executive Certificate in NeighborWorks America’s Achieving Excellence Program at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.