Homelessness Committee

The Homelessness Committee works to increase permanent, affordable housing opportunities for extremely low-income households and to prevent and end homelessness by identifying and addressing the gaps that individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness face in obtaining and maintaining permanent housing.

The Committee meets every other month to educate, share information and data, network, develop policy, and coordinate advocacy efforts.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please use the button below to sign up. (If you already have a CHAPA account, log in and edit your account information.)


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Policy Spreadsheet

As a part of developing CHAPA policy agenda for the upcoming legislative and budget session, we will be seeking input from our members through a Policy Spreadsheet. This is a google spreadsheet that can be viewed and commented on by everyone and thus becomes a working document for policy agenda setting.

Instructions for providing input on the Spreadsheet:

  1. Click on the link below to access the spreadsheet. You do not require a gmail account to access the sheet.
  2. Right click on the cell or box and you shall see a comment window. 
  3. You shall see 3 options -
    • Copy
    • Insert Comment
    • Get link to this cell
  4. Click on Insert Comment and type your comment in the comment box.
  5. Please put your Name/ Initials after the comment. 
  6. Type your comment in the comment box and hit the Comment button.

Click here to access the Policy Spreadsheet.

We appreciate your time and efforts in providing the valuable input that will help drive a shared agenda.