Young Professionals Network

CHAPA's Young Professionals Network (CHAPA YP Network) is an initiative CHAPA has developed for younger professionals in the housing and planning fields. CHAPA envisions this effort will better engage younger professionals in housing and planning with the work we do on our policy agenda, while providing opportunities for professional development and collaboration to those who participate.

The CHAPA YP Network holds a monthly series called the “CHAPA Young Professionals Dialogue Series.”  The goal of the series is to allow an opportunity to engage community development professionals while highlighting trends that involve housing in connection with other fields in planning and community development.  


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Young Professional Events

Mentoring Program 2019 Cycle

Mentoring Program

The MKI Alliance for Racial Equity and CHAPA Young Professional group partner each year to present: The Mentoring Program. 

This information session will provide testimonials from past mentors and mentees who completed the program, will offer an opportunity to introduce and discuss the 2020 -2021 events calendar, and answer questions on how to enroll and the application process.

Mentoring Program
The Mentoring Program is designed to promote and support a culture of learning and mentoring within the community development field. The program enhances the preparation of mid to senior level professionals of color who demonstrate leadership potential, for advancement and growth into positions of leadership and authority, by facilitating effective and meaningful relationships between and amongst community development professionals.The program has a racial equity lens by looking at the implicit bias and racism that exists in our work.

Mentoring Professionals in Housing Careers
The 2020 - 2021 Mentoring Program cycle will be focused on those who have or are pursuing a career in Housing. This is part of our work to support the pipeline of Project Managers, Real Estate Directors, Asset Managers, Property Managers, etc. joining the community development field. Our goal is build networks of professionals and support professionals of color in housing careers. If you are a potential mentor or mentee in the following areas we encourage you to join the program: 

  • Housing Development
  • Property Management and Asset Management
  • Housing Counseling
  • Housing Rehabilitation 

Program Calendar and Description

Apply Here:
Mentor Application
Mentee Application

Application Deadline: April 30, 2020 

Stay informed about upcoming Mentoring Program updates by contacting Monique Scott or signing up to the Young Professionals' Group distribution list.