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Citizens' Housing and Planning Association: News


Advocates Urge Mortgage Interest Deduction Reform and Reinvestment in Affordable Housing - November 8, 2012

The National Low Income Housing Coalition recently came out in favor of a cap to the Mortgage Interest Rate tax deduction. The specifics of their proposal can be read here.

While the Center on Budget Policy Priorities has recently proposed a renter's tax credit to promote equity and advance a more balanced national housing policy.

Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston seeks Civil Rights Volunteers - October 15, 2012

Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston needs volunteers to eliminate housing discrimination & promote open communities.

We need civic-minded individuals interested in social justice to help document housing discrimination so we can challenge it through administrative and legal systems.

  • Flexibility & minimal time commitment
  • Paid stipends
  • Training required

Trainings will be held on

October 19, 2012 and October 27, 2012


CHAPA Housing Briefs - October 12, 2012

State Updates

Patrick Administration Releases FY’13 Capital Budget 

Billions in Capital Investments for Massachusetts Communities Announced - October 9, 2012

Capital plan focuses on Housing Investments, Higher Education, Job creation and Infrastructure Investments

BOSTON – Tuesday, October 9, 2012 – Governor Deval Patrick today unveiled his Fiscal Year (FY) 2013-2017 Capital Investment Plan, which continues the Patrick-Murray Administration's efforts to support long-term economic growth and stimulate job creation by calling for significant investments in higher education, transportation, economic development, housing and other infrastructure and assets.

Chapter 40B: Past, Present & Future Conference Materials


The Basics of the Comprehensive Permit Process (pre-conference session)

DHCD Issues RFR for Project-Based Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) Supportive Housing Initiative (SHI) For Families - September 17, 2012

The MRVP Supportive Housing Initiative RFR is now published on the Comm-PASS website (  Search for the RFR document under Solicitation Document Number DHCD2013-07S


Federal OMB Report Confirms Sequestration will in Result in Massive Cuts to Federal Housing Programs - September 14, 2012

Please click here to access the full report from OMB.

Click here to read the National Low Income Housing Coalition's press release regarding sequestration cuts.

DHCD Releases NOFA for Fall Rental Round - September 13, 2012

Please click here for additional information and the NOFA document on DHCD's website.

Boston Foundation Honored with HUD Secretary's Award for Community Foundations for the Neighborhood Stabilization Loan Fund - September 13, 2012

The new HUD Secretary’s Award for Community Foundations honors community foundations that work closely with the public sector on projects involving housing and neighborhood improvements, education, health and recreation, transportation, community participation, arts and culture, public safety, sustainability, and economic development.

CHAPA Housing Briefs - September 5, 2012

State Updates

DHCD Announces FY’13 Non-Utility Annual Expense Increase for State-Assisted Public Housing

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has notified housing authorities that they will receive a 6.5% increase in their non‑utility budget expense level caps.  The increase is a result of the $64.5 million FY’13 operating subsidy appropriation, federalization of over 3,500 units of public housing, and utility cost savings from energy efficiency improvements.