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HUD Releases FY2012 Income Limits - December 5, 2011

Please click here to see the 2012 HUD income limits effective December 1, 2011. 

Housing Briefs - November 30, 2011

State Updates

Patrick-Murray Administration Releases FY2012 Capital Plan

HUD Announces 2011 Sustainable Communities Awards - November 22, 2011

WASHINGTON - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan today announced the recipients of the 2011 Sustainable Communities Grants, totaling nearly $96 million. Twenty-seven communities and organizations will receive Community Challenge grants and 29 regional areas will receive Regional Planning grants. The goal of HUD's Sustainable Communities grants is to help communities and regions improve their economic competitiveness by connecting housing with good jobs, quality schools and transportation (see attached grant chart).

Patrick-Murray Administration Releases FY’12 Capital Budget; Housing Receives Small Bump - November 17, 2011

On November 17, 2011, the Patrick-Murray Administration released the FY’12 capital budget. The budget provides a very small increase over last year’s capital budget for housing.  Last year, the Housing Innovations Fund - a program that primarily funds housing developments that serve homeless families and individuals - was cut from $9 million to $6 million.  This year, HIF is funded at $8 million. 

Conference Committee Report on FY12 HUD Budget - November 16, 2011

Please click here for a table comparing FY2011 actual HUD budget numbers to FY2012 HUD budget number from the conference committee report.

Click here for a summary of administrative provisions in the FY12 HUD Budget Conference Report. 

DHCD Releases Guidelines for the Certification of CDCs - November 9, 2011

Please click here for the guidelines document.

Click here to download the CDC Certification Review Form.

MHP Releases New Foreclosure Monitor - November 9, 2011

BOSTON, Nov. 7, 2011 --- While foreclosure distress appears to have declined since a year ago, recent increases in foreclosure activity signal that foreclosure distress is set to increase throughout the rest of 2011 and into 2012.

Download pdf version  

Foreclosure Monitor's quarterly analysis of Warren Group data shows that the number of housing units in distress has declined 29 percent in Massachusetts from Oct. 1, 2010 to Oct. 1, 2011.