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Citizens' Housing and Planning Association: CHAPA Publications

CHAPA Publications

Title Pages Datesort descending PDF
Back on the Roll in Massachusetts: A Report on Strategies to Return Tax Title Properties to Productive Use 61 January, 2000 PDF
Recommendations to Improve Chapter 40B, the Massachusetts Comprehensive Permit Law 24 January, 2001
Improving Section 8 Voucher Utilization: A Survey of New England Housing Agencies 26 March, 2001 PDF
Protecting the Commonwealth's Investment: Securing the Future of State-Aided Public Housing 67 April, 2001 PDF
The Homes of 40B: Case Studies of Affordable Housing Using the Comprehensive Permit 18 May, 2001
Massachusetts Housing Affordability Review: The Skyrocketing Costs of Homeownership in Massachusetts 16 September, 2001 PDF
Boston Metropatterns: A Regional Agenda for Community and Stability in Greater Boston 29 October, 2001 PDF
Preserving State Family Public Housing in Fall River 25 January, 2002 PDF
The Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2002 78 October, 2002 PDF
Taking the Initiative: A Guidebook on Creating Local Affordable Housing Strategies 163 November, 2002 PDF
The 1965 Massachusetts Special Commission on Low-Income Housing: Looking Back, Looking Forward 36 April, 2003 PDF
The Fiscal Impact of New Housing Development in Massachusetts: A Critical Analysis 19 May, 2003 PDF
The Record on 40B: The Effectiveness of the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Zoning Law 47 June, 2003 PDF
The Faces of 40B: Profiles of Families in Affordable Housing 39 June, 2003 PDF
Housing the Commonwealth's School-Age Children: The Implications for Multi-Family Housing Development for Municipal and School Expenditures 94 August, 2003 PDF
Winners and Losers in the Massachusetts Housing Market: Recent Changes in Housing Demand, Supply and Affordability 45 January, 2004 PDF
The Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2003: An Assessment of Progress on Housing in the Greater Boston Area 53 March, 2004 PDF
Section 8 Homeownership in Massachusetts: On the Road to Success 31 August, 2004 PDF
Meeting Local Housing Needs: A Practice Guide for Implementing Selection Preferences and Civil Rights Requirements in Affordable Housing Programs 101 September, 2004 PDF
Smart Preservation: Preserving At-Risk Subsidized Housing with State Bond Funds (CIPF) and (HSF) 48 January, 2005 PDF
Age Restricted Active Adult Housing in Massachusetts: A Review of the Factors Fueling Its Explosive Growth and the Public Policy Issues It Raises 84 January, 2005 PDF
CHAPA/University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute Housing Poll 22 January, 2005 PDF
Affordable Housing Guidebook for Legislators 87 May, 2005 PDF
The Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2004: An Assessment of Progress on Housing in the Greater Boston Area 67 September, 2005 PDF